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mission statement

The Stark County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing fair and proactive law enforcement services to the citizens of Stark County.  We are dedicated to community involvement and we will strive to continually increase our positive interactions with the citizens of our county, to include people of all ages and walks of life.

It is our goal to provide strong leadership and a superior work environment for our employees to increase quality, retention, and to promote a safe and comfortable atmosphere that will not only attract strong employees but encourage them to stay and become vested in our communities. 

It is through this mission that we will continue to provide a high quality of service to our citizens while continuing to build relationships and successfully address the issues that we face in our fluid and rapidly changing society.

message from the sheriff

I would like to say thank you for taking the time to visit our website. It is our continuing goal to offer Stark County residents an open, transparent, clear, and concise view into our visions, goals, and day to day activities.

We have implemented a great deal of changes over the past several years and we are looking forward to continuing to adapt and grow with our community, as we navigate through these changing and uncertain times.

Our current plan has us continually seeking out new and innovative ways to police and protect our communities. Although the main function of law enforcement is and has been deterrence, we have chosen to pursue a more aggressive approach by restructuring our department in ways that provide for increased interaction with our community, advanced protection in our schools, and an increased presence on our roads and highways.

In addition to this, we will always keep in mind the Sheriff and his office are the last line of defense between our citizens and tyranny. We will closely monitor what we feel to be governmental overreach and we will adhere to the Constitution of the United States to protect our citizens and their God-given rights.

I would like to give a warm thank you to our citizens and recognize each of you for the trust and respect you have entrusted in me and our office. We look forward to continuing to serve Stark County to the best of our ability while preserving the rights and freedoms that we all deserve.


Corey Lee
Stark County Sheriff

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