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Become a Reserve

The Stark County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Division is comprised of citizens who live in Stark County under Chief Deputy Ray Kaylor. Once a citizen is accepted into the reserve program frequent training's are conducted with the Reserves.  Reserves are trained on a variety of topics to include but not limited to, handcuffing, and use of restraints, report writing, defensive tactics, use of force, and effective communication. 

The Stark County Sheriff’s Office try’s to maintain a Reserve force of 10-15 Reserves on hand.  Reserve Deputies range from retired Peace Officers who are still fully licensed, to citizens of Stark County who enjoy helping the sheriff’s office and the citizens of Stark County.

Reserve deputies conduct a majority of transports that are required by the Sheriff’s Office.  Transports include taking individuals to and from the State Hospital in Jamestown, subjects who have been sentenced to the State Penitentiary in Bismarck, court hearings, and any other transport ordered by the courts.  The Reserve Deputies take a significant weight off the patrol division when conducting these transports by allowing the Deputy to remain in the County and focus their attention to the citizens, visitors, and business of Stark County.  We also strive to work with NW Shuttle working with many different agencies to transport prisoners in the most efficient manner.  Our area of responsibility with NW Shuttle is between Bismarck and Glendive, MT.

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