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Our fees and commissions are as follows:

$30.00: Summons and Complaint, Civil Subpoena, Small Claims Affidavit, or other general civil process. 

$50.00: Executing any Writ (Special Execution for property or Eviction) 

$65.00: Writ of Execution 

The Sheriff’s Office is entitled to collect a Commission on behalf of the County as follows:

$75.00 for the first $1,000 and 1% for every $1,000 thereafter.

Milage costs

In addition to the above service fees, additional mileage costs will apply. The following is a general guideline: 


     Dickinson:                  $20.00

     Rural Stark County:    $40.00


The Sheriff can only remove a tenant when a Writ of Special Execution is issued and signed by the District Court. This order directs the Sheriff to restore the property back to the property owner. The Sheriff does not store the tenant’s property. For any abandoned property, please contact an attorney. 

Writs of Execution

This action directs the Sheriff to enforce an unpaid judgment by levying on, and selling, the personal property of the defendant. Please provide a complete description of what is to be levied on. This would include (but is not limited to) a vehicle (to include make, model and year); or a bank account.  

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